Revolutionizing the Voluntary Carbon Market: How Coastal Carbon Uses AI to Harness the Ocean's Potential
October 31st, 2023
Coastal Carbon is pioneering a groundbreaking approach to carbon offsetting by focusing on the ocean, the world's most significant carbon sink, often overlooked in traditional nature-based carbon credits. Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies, we are capable of measuring blue carbon credits for kelp farmers. Our technology analyzes vast sets of satellite data to detect and quantify what's happening beneath the ocean's surface, essentially creating a "Google Maps for the ocean."
Founded just four months ago, Coastal Carbon has already achieved substantial success, securing $65,000 in various funding streams including Velocity's Up Start. Our team has doubled since joining Velocity in January, as we work to establish pilot projects with kelp farmers and initiate beta testing. Our co-founders, Kelly Zheng and Thomas Storwick, are connecting sellers and buyers in the carbon credit market, ensuring quality and fairness on both ends. As we forge ahead, we aim to work closely with scientific experts to develop technology that not only aids kelp farmers but also provides companies a reliable method to purchase quality carbon credits.
We're on a mission to enable ocean restoration and climate action, profitably.
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