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Welcome to our revolutionary approach to marine protected area restoration and ocean conservation

Our mission

We believe that the future of our oceans depends on the effective management of marine protected areas. That's why we've developed a cutting-edge solution that combines the power of AI-driven satellite imaging and blue carbon credits to create a sustainable future for our oceans.

Our mission is to support and enable ocean restoration by giving marine conservation, protection, and blue carbon projects the data they need to prove their impact, all while providing tools to help them thrive. Creating a world where marine protected areas are thriving and oceans are restored through the widespread use of AI-driven satellite imaging and blue carbon credits, enabling sustainable and measurable ocean conservation efforts for the benefit of all.

Our solution

Coastal Carbon's AI-driven satellite imaging technology allows us to accurately measure underwater biomass and map marine protected areas. This data is then used to identify areas in need of restoration and to track progress over time.

On the other hand, our blue carbon credits provide a financial incentive for the protection and restoration of these vital ecosystems. By selling these credits, we can offset emissions and combat climate change while also supporting conservation efforts.

With our solution, marine protected areas can thrive, and our oceans can be restored. Join us in creating a sustainable future for our oceans.

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